/ə / (say uh), emphatic /eɪ / (say ay)

adjective or indefinite article a word used especially before nouns beginning with a consonant sound to mean:
1. some (indefinite singular referring to one individual of a class): a child; a house; a star.
2. another: he is a Cicero in eloquence.
3. one: two of a kind; a thousand.
4. any (a single): not a one.
5. indefinite plural: a few; a great many.
Also, (before a vowel sound), an. {Middle English, phonetic variant of an1}
Usage: The variant an is used before a vowel, as in an address, an umbrella. Pronunciation rather than spelling is the criterion: for example words like hour and honour have an before them because the initial h is not pronounced, while words like union and user take a because they are pronounced as if beginning with an initial y consonant. A few words with initial h are variable: most speakers pronounce an initial h in historical (a historical survey), some do not (an historical survey).
/ə / (say uh)

adjective or indefinite article
each; every: three times a day.
{originally a (preposition), Old English an, on, confused with the indefinite article}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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